Porshia King


What is your career?

A: Registered Nurse 

How long have you been married?

A:10 months 

What is your love story?

A:Ryan and I initially met at my college graduation, but we didn’t have the chance to feel each other out until about 3 weeks later when we happened to be at the same birthday party. We quickly hit it off and began a long distance friendship that slowly grew into the most fulfilling relationship ever. He was patient and genuine, I knew that Ryan was sent to me from God. 

How did you know your husband was the one?

A:I knew he was the one because we were able to build an attraction, friendship, and relationship while living 400 miles away from each other. I also knew that I would be foolish to mess up such an amazing blessing. 

What was the best part about your wedding day?


A:I would love to say that the entire day was the best part (it was), but more specifically, the best part was feeling the undeniable happiness that radiated through Ryan’s eyes. 

What is one piece of advice you would like to share to a newlywed?

A:The best advice I think I could offer is to do what is best for you and your spouse. Do not allow other people’s expectations (married or not) to make you feel like you’re doing something wrong. 

What is one or two pre-marriage tips or scriptures you would give a bride?

A: I would encourage pre-marital counseling, we did sessions with our pastor and it was the best decision we could’ve ever made. It prepares you for what may or may not happen and it brings you both closer to God and each other. I would also advise each and every bride to remember that your wedding day and your marriage is all about you and your spouse so do what makes you happy. 

What does living a life Faith + Fulfillment mean to you?

A: Living a life of faith and fulfillment means keeping God first and enjoying whatever life has to offer. Faith in God will pull you through life’s greatest obstacles.