Ashlee' Welch


How long have you been married?

A:10 months

What is your love story?

A: We initially met on Facebook, but knew of each other while attended Spartanburg Methodist College together. We didn't start to pursue one another until months later in June of 2011. We talked every day during that summer getting to know one another while I was back at my parent's house in Ohio and he was in SC. He asked me out on a date when I came back to SC and from that moment we have been together ever since. 

How did you know your husband was the one?

A: I knew my husband was the one because of how he would go out of his way to make sure that he was right there no matter what when I needed him to cheer me on, cry on his shoulder, or even just a good laugh. 

What was the best part of your wedding day?

A: The best part of my wedding day was walking down the aisle with my daddy and taking in that moment with him. I remember when we stepped up to the door to enter into the room, we both looked at each other and I asked him, " are you ready?" and he replied, "I am when you are". I hesitated for a moment but he held my arm and guided me towards my husband. 

What is one piece of advice you would like to share to a newlywed?

A: Laugh often, pray daily and find the joy in the little things 

What is one or two pre-marriage tips or scriptures you would give a bride?

A: I encourage taking pre-marital counseling. It helped us to shape our marriage and see what we wanted out of it and how to do things God's way.

What does living a life Faith + Fulfillment mean to you?

A:  To me living a life of faith + fulfillment means that you are doing things according to God's plan and enjoying the process as you go through the journey.