She's Getting Married!


Dear Queen, 

My best friend just got engaged !! When she face-timed me and I saw her hand casually come up with a ring on her finger, of course I screamed!! Lol We have talked about this moment for a little minute now and I am just so happy for her. Her and her fiancé are just beautiful and sync well. I admire three things about her and her fiancé and have never told her before and wanted to share my this as my Thursday Thoughts this week. Maybe this will give you your dose of black love magic! So here it goes...

First off, I love their adventurous spirit. My sis is one who loves to explore the world and learn new things and customs. She has always been my go to when it came down to traveling to different places outside of where we lived. She has gone out of the country several times (I am trying to follow in her footsteps). When she met her fiancé, he is truly her soulmate. He matches her adventurous spirit and love for new things it is just so beautiful. I mean, he proposed while they were in Paris!! 

    Secondly, I admire their loyalty towards one another. You see, they started out being in the same area due to college but once they graduated they have been in a long distance relationship for like 4 years! Yes, you heard me right. It is rare to hear about a relationship lasting that long and being a part but they have endured it. They made it work. I strongly believe that because of their longterm distance it is going to make their marriage even more sweeter! 

   Lastly, I admire their glowing love for one another. They truly have that black love magic kinda vibe between them. Being in the front row seat of their relationship since the beginning ( I mean she is my best friend haha), I have seen the highs and lows of this couple but they have always had a positive outlook on things. I remember when we were in college and my sis and I were talking about relationships one day, she told me she was going to be single for awhile and just focus on herself and see what happens. I agreed with her and together we started out strong and then of course I met Jay, lol. But then she met her fiancé down the road and the glow she had I could tell he was going to be the one eventually! She was genuinely happy. 

  I am excited to now have the opportunity to be by her side in this next journey towards marriage. Yes, I have been married for a year but I know there will be more things I too can learn from through her marriage. Stay tuned, because I am wanting to interview her and another friend of mine who have been in a long distance relationship and get their take on how they made it through and how it can help others out there who feel the struggle is real! 

Many blessings💕 

- A Simply Blessed Wife