Intentionally Dating

Our little magic box of ideas...still growing! 

Our little magic box of ideas...still growing! 

Dear Queen, 

      I want you to think about how often do you and your husband DATE one another? I mean truly just giving each other that one on one time? Well, Jay and I didn't want to have to think long and hard about this when someone asked so we decided on a solution.  We decided to make sure we made one another a priority by having consistent date nights. 

   For a couple of months now, Jay and I have coined every Saturday, as A + J date night. I got the idea to do this when I came across my girl Sheena Steward’s blog, She has been doing this with her husband for a while now and it made an impact on her marriage so, I was like why not? I introduced it to Jay and he was all for it. Taking this time out for us has helped us to get to know one another even more.

As we continuously date one another we are staying in sync with each others needs at all times. A date doesn’t have to always mean that you are going somewhere. It certainly can mean that you spend time together just cuddling up on the couch, watching a movie and having dinner at the house. You just want to make sure that this blocked time is just you and him paying attention to each other and not your phone or work. 

    To make things even more interesting we are planning to implement something new.  I purchased a little wooden square box at the craft store and tore up pieces of paper so we could write down the things that we each like. Each Sunday we would rotate picking out something from the box and that would be our date night at the end of the week. This will give us even something more to look forward to as well get us out of our comfort zones by doing something that other person may have wrote and you wouldn’t normally do the activity ( for me that would be bowling). Whatever is chosen we each have to embrace it!

Mini Put Date night on the cruise ship 

Mini Put Date night on the cruise ship 

Here are a few ideas to get you started: 

  1. Paint night
  2. Pottery 
  3. Dinner 
  4. Movie
  5. Staycation
  6. Cooking class
  7. Virtual reality game arcade ( so want to try this in Tennessee, thanks Sheena! ) 
  8. Bowling
  9. Baecation outside of where you live
  10. A night in on the couch

Many Blessings! 

A Simply Blessed Wife 


PS: Add your ideas below if you have more! We are always looking to add more suggestions into our box 🙂