How do I want to be remembered?


“Ashlee’, how do you want to be remembered?”, asked the reporter. This was the last question I was asked at the end of an interview that I did just the other day for the hospital ogranization that I work at. I was already nervous and then she hit me with this question. So, I had to think about it for a moment and the first thing that came to my mind was, being a giver. Of course how it came out, to me, I sounded like I was rambling and I think I even left out God!! Ugh. So, I had to redeem myself and tell you what I would have liked to have said that day.

      [ Take 2 ] “Ashleé, how do you want to be remembered?”, asked the reporter. 

Hmm, I would like to be remembered as a woman who gave back. What does that mean? That means I gave myself back to God in order for me to find my purpose in life and carry on his legacy. It means I gave back to my husband and children and was the best wife and mother who was present. It means I gave back to my family and friends by making sure that I was a part of their lives, even miles away. It means I gave back to my followers and poured value into their lives. It means I gave back to my community and didn’t forget where I came from. Lastly, it means I gave back to myself and made sure that I was all the way together, in order for me to pour back into these people. 

I learned this concept of giving back from my parents and my nana since I was a little girl. My daddy told me one day that there is a simple way for us to all have JOY in our lives. Me being the curious person that I am, I asked how? He said that JOY comes from first serving Jesus, then serving others and then serving yourself. I looked at him amazed because he was right. I am definitely not perfect but keeping my end goal in mind daily helps to motivate me to keep living my life of faith + fulfillment. 
   Today, I am 26 years old and one thing I strive to do is cherish my birthday. I take off, and I do whatever it is that is in my heart to do. This is me giving back to myself. It is truly a blessing to see another year because death has no age limit. A year ago, I literally thought God was going to call me home when I woke up from my accident but he spared my life. I don’t tell you this to receive sympathy, I tell you this because God’s mercy is REAL. So, before I go, I have two birthday wishes that I would like for you to fulfill : 

1. Queen, start taking better care of you so you can show up in the areas that matter to you in your life. 
2. Give back to those around you daily- whether it is your time, a listening ear, or soft touch. 

This is what creating the Simply Blessed Wife was all about- me just giving back a portion of me and women who look like me. I would love to hear how you will fulfill my two birthday wishes either in the comments below or sharing on social media a picture that represents you and tag me in it!!! 

Many blessings 💕