3 Bombshell Secrets I learned in one month of marriage

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I can't believe it's been 4 months since I said "I do" to forever to the love of my life!! Of course, I can remember that day like it was yesterday and all the emotions that ran through my body since that Friday morning when I woke up. You really get a rush of excitement & nervousness ( for me, just wanting things to flow right) just hit you at once. I laughed + cried + dance throughout the weekend. However, at some point, you must come off of the clouds and face reality again. Throughout our first month of marriage, I learned 3 principles that will help shape the years to come for my husband and me.  

1.Our Friendship is what keeps us growing

            Jordan & I started our relationship by building a foundation of friendship. When I first met Jordan we were just cool. We would speak here and there. Fast forward two months later to when we started the "talking stage" of our relationship. It was like any other relationship where we were getting to know each other's backgrounds. Once we started dating we still kept the friendship vibe which later grew to love for one another. Creating a foundation of friendship helps keep your relationship fresh and exciting! Even though I like to have a good time with friends Jordan is the more outgoing and helps me to get out of my comfort zone. I too do the same for him just in a different way. 

2. Our Faith is what keeps us grounded

 During our ceremony, we had a unity moment. We chose to do the strand of three cords. It was during this part where I felt Jordan and I created a bond that can't be broken because God was placed in the center of it. Our faith has gotten us through a 4 yr long distant relationship to taking the next step of marriage. Faith is truly stepping out and not worrying about if you are going to fall in the end but knowing that God will carry you through every step of the way. We understand that things aren't going to be perfect but if we always come back to our center it can be mended. 

3. Our selflessness is what keeps us loving one another daily

Now, this is a biggie! When you get married there is no longer an "I" and "ME" mentality. Those terms become a "WE" instantly. Let me tell you it isn't a mindset change that happens instantly but when you already have the characteristic then it makes things easier. Being selfless means you're doing whatever it takes to make that other person you love happy. You are even doing small things "Just because" you LOVE them and not because you want some reward. I try to do things here and there for Jordan that I know he likes that will make him smile. For example, I will never forget this day. Those that know my husband or have heard me talking about him knows that he loves soccer! It is truly his passion. Well, a few years ago he mentioned that his favorite team Liverpool was coming to Charlotte for one of their preseason games. So I decided to save up my money and purchase him a ticket but not just a ticket but one that came with a keepsake gift box. When I told him he was going to the game he was ecstatic!! I wasn't able to go with him but he enjoyed every minute of that day. Now that we are married we show our selfless attitude by consulting one another when it comes to big decisions and continuing to do the small things for one another. 

I look forward to growing within my marriage and learning many more lessons! As always, I pray that this touches at least one of my readers and blesses them in some way. 

Be Blessed, 

❤️ Simply Ashleé