Why I said I do

photo by: Andrea Fabian photography

photo by: Andrea Fabian photography

Dear Queen,   

As I was reading one of Sheena Steward’s, truth Tuesday article, she was giving her answer to the proposed Black Love Doc’s question, “Why did I say I do” and it intrigued me to also answer the question. There are several different reasons as to why I said I do to my husband but I like the number three so I will give my top three that came to mind. 

   First off, I felt as if God was answering my vision in life. For as long as I can remember I have always said I wanted to grow up and become a wife and mother. I don’t know if it was because I watched my mommy be the best wife she could be towards my daddy growing up or what but it was always engrained my head. I remember having a conversation one day with two of my best friends and telling them that by 24 I planned to be engaged (I know, sounds crazy lol). Of course I had no control over this but oddly enough it happened! Jordan and I had talked about marriage for awhile because I felt as if I was ready but of course, he was not and I had to respect that. So when he proposed, I just knew it was my time and God was answering my prayer to be a wife and start my life’s transition. 

    Secondly, I thought to myself that I was going to marry my best guy friend in life. I know it sounds so cliché when people say “ I married my best friend” but in all honesty I did. Jay and I pretty much tell and do everything together. To this day we are constantly told by people that they can tell we are in sync with each other and have a foundation built on friendship. 

     Thirdly, the way he shows me his love. Jordan and I are two opposites that attract for real, lol. I am the quiet, yet silly & perfectionist one; while he is the outspoken, playful & carefree type. However, that is what makes us click! Those that know me, know that I can be a really serious person but when I am with my husband he helps me to let the seriousness go and enjoy the moment. Jordan may not say “I love you” first all the time but it is his actions that says it loud and clear- even with the small things. My husband just gets me & allows me to be myself no matter what.

In just three short months the Welch’s turn ONE and I would say "I DO" over and over again. Sheena Steward said it best when she said that there is no blueprint for being a wife and that we all come in different packages. So whatever your reasons are for saying “I do” is your own and your way to carry on within your marriage! 

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- Many Blessings 


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